About Us

Tom had been milking cows and doing general farm work for several years on a local farm which already had an ice cream business. In 1999 having had a recent farming injury a decision to buy the business was made and it was moved to a purpose built production unit on the family farm where Dunstaple Farm Dairy Ice Cream was created.

The farm provided the milk to make the ice cream and initially the plan was that Tom would take over as herdsman with the ice cream being a side line. However the ice cream side took off and he never made it back into the milking parlour full time. Today milk produced by the cows that graze on the grassy pastures on the farm continues to be used to make the lovely ice cream.

Initially with 17 customers, over the years the customer base has risen to approximately 250 local customers that we deliver to ourselves and many more throughout the South West which are serviced by our wholesalers.

The ice cream recipe and business structure were developed into what it is today with production of over 60 delicious flavours of ice cream and sorbets.

In 2015 Dunstaple Farm Dairy Ice Cream was rebranded as Farmer Tom’s Ice Cream and continues to be made with local cream & fresh whole milk from the farm. In 2016 we also introduced a Milk Maid brand, which is a soft scoop ice cream made with fresh whole milk and natural ingredients.

In 2016 and 2017 we won the Devon County Show Championship

In 2019, Dunstaple Farm Ltd became SALSA accredited in order to provide more opportunities to grow as a company.

A plant-based range has been added.  This is a range of vegan friendly, dairy and gluten free ice creams, made using coconut milk and other natural, dairy and gluten free ingredients.